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When I was young, I spent a lot of my time creating cartoon strips that I hoped would eventually make their way into syndication. This was back when newspapers were the chief source of what was happening in the world, and the comics section was huge, often times taking up 3 to 4 pages. That was my ultimate goal... get syndicated.

Over time I created several comic strips. One based on my family (In A Nutshell), one based on animals as international spies (Wild World), another about a crazy town of rednecks (Massatucky), and a weird television studio (Stay Tuned). From of all this, one character seemed to stand out. Lester Garbonza, a disgruntled citizen who, as Dodge Danger with mask and cape, patrols the streets at night in a backwards effort to show his fellow citizens it's not too late to stand up and put a dent in crime. 

I did manage to sell 120 panels to Bladcompaniet, a Norwegian media company, that published Dodge in their Sunday newspaper's comic books. It was great to see it in print, but a bit awkward to see the text translated in another language. With a growing family and starting a new business I had to drop the strip for a while.


About five years ago I decided to return to Dodge and develop a graphic novel. The first one I published through Amazon in 2019. I'm presently working on issue #2 (see link above), a much larger story line and cast. This page his dedicated to those earlier strips where I was pretty much developing the concept, characters, and storyline.  I hope you enjoy.

The Early Panels
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