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In this corrupt world of power, greed, and anarchy, one man has stepped forward to fight the fight, and provide a beacon of hope to others.

A man who is not afraid to step forward and take it on the chin for humanity.

A man who's sole purpose in life is to show that you too can stand up to a world that's gone incredibly mad..

                                                  …one bumbling step at a time.

Created by Jim Provencher and Venture Graphix


Get our Debut Issue "Dodge Danger • Everyone on the Sauce?"

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Lester Garbonza
aka Dodge Danger

Fed up with the bombarding of negative news,

and the direction he sees the country going,
Lester takes matters into his own hands and patrols Massatucky as a vigilante, doing what he can to stop crime, corruption, and greed.

Wanda Garbonza

Lester's wife and sarcastic critic of his endeavors. 

Sergeant Badger

Massatucky police officer who is hell bent on stopping Dodge's unauthorized crime fighting in his city.

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